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Independent Curating, a talk at artBLAB

I was invited to deliver a talk about independent curating at the artBLAB event at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden, London. You can listen to my talk here

Independent curating- what is it all about?

Curating is such a fashionable word. Everything and anything can be curated – food menu in a fancy restaurant, line-up for the music festival or even the décor of your living room. Why is it so difficult to curate an arts exhibition?

I will discuss my journey from photography graduate to independent curator. I will focus, more in depth, on an exhibition I curated last year and make it a case study to my method of curating involving ideas of slow art and sharing art love with people who aren’t already familiar with the beauty of it. I will talk about the importance of networking, developing small-scale projects and not being afraid of sharing your ideas.

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