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About me

Focused and driven Project Manager with a proven track record in project governance and active resource planning. I am an excellent networker who believes in the power of empathetic communication both when liaising with stakeholders and leading the team.

As an Art Director specializing in public engagement and a Cultural Producer with a proven track record of championing underrepresented voices, I have worked in the UK, Poland, Germany, the USA, China, and online. In the last 5 years, I co-founded two London-based grassroots arts organizations, ONE Project and the Red Zenith Collective. In Poland, I have co-founded a first-of-its-kind NGO, the HERstory of Art Museum, championing women's art and history.

Energy, passion, and vision - are three words that best summarise my personality. Expanding ideas and social engagement is very natural to me. I absorb a wide variety of content in trends and movements in tech, the arts, design, politics, and culture, in particular, I developed a special interest in intersectional feminism and Slow Art activism. Social equality is the driving force behind my ambitions in life.

My Clifton Strengths ® Top 5: Connectedness, Input, Positivity, Intellection, Learner

Work Experience

2022- present

Deputy Director, Contemporary HERstory of Art

HERstory of Art Museum Foundation, Kraków, Poland

  • Curatorial strategy and overseeing the implementation of all art exhibitions, events, and productions, such as the international History of Art and Literature conference, including cinema screening, exhibitions and tours “Czas Pozytywistek”, Slow Art Day 2022&2023

  • Conducted in-depth research on a broad spectrum of subjects for projects and exhibitions, ranging from medical misogyny to Kraków Poetic Heritage to accesibility in art institutions and more

  • Securing and managing partnerships and opportunities with collaborative organisations (National Museum, Jagiellonian University, Google Arts and Culture etc.) and artists

  • Editor-in-chief of herstory of art zine “Ariadna”, focusing on championing artists-women

  • Managing social media campaigns and producing content in collaboration with a team of copywriters, graphic designers, etc.

  • Updating, and implementation of schedules, budgets, documentation, and contracts,

  • Management of project teams, control of the implementation of projects and settlement of their results, and preparation of substantive and financial reports.

  • Coordinator of "Jak nie zgubić sztuki kobiet" project - a series of events, interviews, and movie screening in collaboration with MuHER, Lost Women Art, Dom Norymberski w Krakowie, and ASP w Krakowie

  • Coordinator of "Migrating Memoryscapes" - a project aiming to build a community for Ukrainian migrants and Polish citizens, in collaboration with Salam Lab, Voice Amplified, Centrum Wielokulturowe Kraków, MuHER, and Muzeum Krakowa



International Art Residency Producer

24x young artists network and Re:Kultura, Kraków, Poland

Through my active search for collaboration from outside of my “bubble”, I connected with a 24x young artists network for whom I facilitated a 3-week international artists residency. Attracting artists from Poland, Germany, and England the residency generated art focussing on ideas of a free press, migration, and governmental Policy.

  • Planned, sourced venue and funds, managed an open call, selected participants

  • Delivered workshops and scheduled daily entertainment for residents, managed social media and press contact

  • Curated final exhibition and zine publication “Searching for Utopia”



Co-founder, Programme Manager & Producer

Red Zenith Collective, London, United Kingdom

  • Guest-curated the “Immunity Geography”, at the Enjoy Museum in Beijing, China

  • Produced and curated show of Małgorzata Drohomirecka at Centrala Gallery in Birmingham, UK

  • Delivered workshops engaging with parents and children from migrant backgrounds in the UK

  • Produced and hosted “Faces of Racism in CEE” a seminar that facilitated conversations challenging the stereotypes of homogeneity and provided the public with an opportunity to meet representatives of Nigerian, Afgan, and Vietnamese diaspora based in CEE countries

  • Edited in-house online publications, from Open Call to launch event

  • Collaborated with Counterpoints Arts Refugee Week 2021 on “Uprootedness and Hybridity”

  • Developed the public engagement platform and branding guidelines to build a network of over 2,000 artists and artivists from Central and Eastern Europe, hosted regular artist interviews titled “Red Zenith Dialogues”



Talent Scout and Community Manager

artBLAB London, London, United Kingdom

  • Led digital transformation during the Covid-19 pandemic from in-person to online using Instagram and website

  • Managed social media content to generate a following of 1,500 within 2 months

  • Data entry for CRM database of artists, active talent scouting opportunities, and scheduling

  • Portfolio reviews for artists and help with the curation of their shows

  • Built a Slow Art meditation program to introduce people from an underprivileged background to arts

  • Produced 50+ live Q&A', scripted questions, liaised with artists



PR Assistant

The London Illustration Fair, London, United Kingdom

  • Promoted the festival on social media and on-site

  • Ticket sales and cashing-up



Lead Curator

ONE Project, London, United Kingdom & Kraków, Poland

  • Co-founded the platform and liaised with venues and artists

  • Curated exhibitions and produced international art residencies in galleries and non “white-cube” spaces

  • Liaised with vendors and external partners

  • Developed and implemented social media strategy and branding, responsible for content creation and blogging



Copywriter and Translator

Freelance, London, United Kingdom

  • Producing copy and translating content for clients across UK and Poland for social media and advertisement

  • Working on creative briefs in collaboration with graphic designers and other copywriters

  • Administration and management of operating freelance service



Gallery and Personal Assistant

Karin Janssen Project Space, London, United Kingdom

  • Given the fantastic opportunity to learn and work with Hackney-based, Netherlands-born artist, Karin Jassen, I worked closely to peek behind the scenes and get hands-on with responsibilities

  • Co-curated ‘Chinese Whispers’, a 60+ artists exhibition that traveled between the UK, and the Netherlands

  • Responsible for social media including contact with the press, blog updates, and liaising with artists and buyers

  • Logistics of Art transportation between the Netherlands and the UK

  • Launch event production preparation and assistance



Feminist Art and Exhibitions: History and Challenges

March - April 2021

Node Centre for Curatorial Studies, Berlin, Germany.

This course looks at how feminist thinking has influenced the arts since the 1960s, both in Western as well as selected non-Western contexts. Presenting the foundational feminist theories that furthered the radicalization of female artists and trace their manifestation in the visual arts. Due to its strong political content and often taboo-breaking visuality, feminist art continues to present its own set of challenges to curators and museum professionals. The course introduces students to the most important exhibitions of feminist art and discuss their strategies, premises, and criticism. In addition, the course presents curatorial practices and exhibition formats that follow feminist premises.

Contemporary Art Theories



This course addressed the question what is contemporary art? by exploring a variety of perspectives on what art can do today, who makes it, what it is made of, and why it takes so many forms. Based on MoMA's collection.

History of Art with Curating


BA at Birkbeck, University of London, UK.

Main field of research: Slow Art and the ideas of slow looking. 

Secondary interest: Modernism and Young Poland movement, Gesamtkunstwerk - total work of art.



Central Saint Martins, UAL, London, UK.

Curatorial course led by Sarah Spakres.

History of Art and Architecture


Certificate of Higher Education at Birkbeck, University of London, UK.

Creative Photography


ND at Krakow School of Art and Fashion Design, Krakow, Poland. Specialisation: Staged Photography and set design.

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