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Slow Art, being a quiet form of activism that makes art more accessible to broader audiences, is at the core of my curatorial practices.  I strongly believe in the idea of a gallery as an experience, rather than a place; not an overwhelming or intimidating but a safe and liberating space, where an encounter with art and exchange of emotions takes place.

Slow Art Day Festival:

2022 Slow Art Day festival, National Museum Kraków and HERstory of Art Museum: Looking Slowly, Kraków, Poland

2021 Slow Art Day festival, Red Zenith Collective & Entrance Gallery: What is Slow Art? Kraków, Poland/ Prague, Czech Rep./ online events 

2020 No return to Comfort Zone with artBLAB and ONE Project


2022 Slow Art Day with HERstory of Art Museum, Maria Pinińska-Bereś at National Museum in Kraków,- Slow Art guide, co-written with Zofia Ozaist-Zgodzińska, MuHER Press

2021 Slow Art: Accessibility, Equality, Unlearning, and Dialogue with Art, UTOPIA zine

2021 How to Design Utopia? Ideas for Beginners, UTOPIA zine

2021 Slow Looking and Equality, the Red Zenith Collective EQUALITY zine

2021 Guide to Slow Looking. Slow Art Exercises - Pandemic Edition, self-published

Teaching & Talks:

2023 How to Design Utopia? Curatorial Activism Workshop at Jagiellonian University, Kraków, PL

Meditations & Slow Art Workshops:

2023 Poetry Night in Kraków, Meditation of collages: Wisława Szymborska and Eileen Agar

2023 Slow Art Meditation of "What the Water Gave Me" by Frida Kahlo + art therapy workshop at VOICE Amplified Centre for Women and Girls in Crisis, Kraków, Poland 2022 Zine Making Workshop, Spółdzielnia Ogniwo, Kraków, Poland
2022 Art Meditation: Tetiana Jabłońska, online

2021 Art Meditation: Leonora Carrington, online
2021 Slow Art Meditation & Collage Workshop, Centrala Gallery, Birmingham, UK
2021 Art Meditation: Natalia Goncharova for Uprootedness & Hybridity – Artistic seminar on intergenerational trauma in Eastern Europe, Refugee week, Counterpoints Arts, online

Slow Art library: Blog2
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