Marta Grabowska is an art historian and independent curator, originally trained in creative photography. She studied curating at Central Saint Martins, UAL, and received her BA in History of Art and Curating from Birkbeck, University of London, where she researched ideas regarding Slow Art. Marta co-founded and curated a Slow Art research project called ONE Project (2016- 2020). In 2020 she co-founded a platform for CEE womxn and non-binary creatives, promoting cultural understanding called Red Zenith Collective. She is a co-creator at artBLAB London since 2019. Marta is a member of British Art Network at Tate.

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Krakow, Poland

A research paper delving into the past and present of the phenomenon of 'meblościanka', from the existence of cabinet of curiosities to avant-garde design of modernist makers Charles i Ray Eames, to today's staple furniture of Central and Eastern Europe. The article is paired up with a cycle of exhibitions that are curated in the space of single segment of this marvelous furniture, channeling and emphasizing its unique values of space of nostalgia and display of precious good, into an exhibition space in times of the global pandemic.



The Enjoy Museum, Beijing, China

"Immunity·Geography" attempts to reflect on the confrontations between bodies and objects, self and others, identification and disidentification, presence and absence in the current climate. We invited 13 artists from different geographical and cultural climates, space which the exhibition occupies will become the "passage", a space of transition and connection, where we almost simultaneously face the direct cultural and geographical differences with similar physical experience. We would like to draw the audience's attention to the ideas of transition from the adaptation to inhabitation, such as the body versus the symbol, embodied and disembodied experience within the natural and the digital spheres of human existence.

In the exhibition, we discuss how to attempt to create art in the process of "diffusion", "concealment" and "avoidance". In the course of the exhibition we ask, inter alia, the following questions: Can body, spirit and the digital symbol live in synergy?; Can we build herd-immunity online?; Do we need others and nature to thrive?; How did artists coming from different geographic regions respond to the global crisis of immunity?

Co-curated by Shiying Wang, Duruo Zheng and David Lisbon


Zhou Zhenyu周振宇

Mandy Qian 千狗蛋

Wang shuo 王硕

Zhang yongji 张永基

Harry Grundy 

Isaiah Allen 


River Cao 曹宇豪 

Zula Rabikowska  

Barbara Mihalyi 

Kinga Świętek 

Michaela Nagyidaiová  and Kristina Sergeeva as IN CONVERSATION WITH

2020 - present

Red Zenith Collective is a dedicated platform for empowering and supporting women, female-identifying and non-binary creatives from Eastern and Central Europe, with events to encourage collaborative learning and promote cultural understanding. It was founded by Marta Grabowska, an independent Polish curator and Zula Rabikowska, Polish photographer.


Faces of Racism in CEE - Symposium with 

Marta Udoh

Ogi Ugonoh

Nadia Moussaoui

Samira Jasimova

Drahoslava Machova

'Misogyny is as commonplace as bread.’ Why The Red Zenith Collective champion womxn creatives in Eastern Europe' an interview by Liza Premiyak for Calvert Journal

upcoming in 2021

Equality ZINE


Ewa Mielczarek

Julia Stachura

Visual art:

Alicja Kamaj 

Ivana Filip

Julia Michiewicz

Kateryna Bortsova

Kristina Alexandrovska

Malgorzata Drohomirecka

Marina Oprea,


Zula Rabikowska

Slow Art Day - in collaboration with Entrance Gallery from Prague, CZ,

with Anca Stefanescu and others


Red Zenith Dialogues Interviewes with 

Karina Cabanikova

Aska Bednarczyk and Jola Prochowicz from Camera Femina

Ann Mirjam Vaikla from Narva Art Residency

Antonella Lerca Duda

Vera Zaluskaya from ZA GROUP

Julia Stachura

Katie Zazenski from Strobiskop Art Space

Karolina Kazmierska from B-East Association

Kinga Nowak from Widna Gallery

2019 - present

artBLAB runs a series of laid-back lectures about art and its whereabouts. On the artBLAB events, artists and art professionals representing various disciplines come together to celebrate creativity.


'Independing Curating. What is it all about?' a talk at the Poetry Cafe, London


Slow Art Day in collaboration with ONE Project with my talk 'The Art of Slow Looking' 


Elena-Andreea Teleaga,

Sarah Nicol and Holly Buckle

Text: a video Exhibition, an online exhibition and poetry reading

Co-curated by Michal Piotrowski


Astra Papachristodoulou

J Whitehead

Paul Ingram

Fran Lock

Stephen Mooney

Stephen Emmerson

Iris Colomb

Matt Martis

Tim Atkins

Michal Kamil Piotrowski


Weekly artist Q&A's  - list of artists available on

2016 - 2020

ONE Project is a creative duo Marta Grabowska and Magdalena Zoledz, who share a passion for an innovative approach to presenting and perceiving art, championing and researching the notion of Slow Art. The main purpose of the project is to exhibit one artwork and by this curatorial practice to induce contemplation, building a deeper relationship between the art object and the audience, and to encourage some new ways of seeing.


'Scarlet House'  by Izabela Jastrzebska at 971620 Art Gallery, Luton 

'#ONEQUESTIONMARK' collaboration with Marta Suarez 

'You Are Only an Image to Me',  Magda Zoledz and Tomasz Litra, San Mei Gallery, London


Saturday Crit with

Museum of Internet,

Magdalena Zoledz

Tasneem Lohani


ONE Project Residency: Saskia Rodriguez 

'ONE Project Messe' Secret location, London


Agnieszka Antkowiak
Alan Ashworth-Muñoz
Cyrus Hung

Edith Meijering

Gioele Pomante

Hello the Mushroom
Holly Buckle
I-Chien Tang
Malw Miel
Oana Stanciu
Yein Son
Zula Rabikowska


'Beyond C' by Saskia Rodriguez, an open air exhibition

'I HAVE NO IDEA HOW WE GREW UP' an art fair by North London Art and Design Hub

'Do 3 razy sztuka: skupienie' an interview with Dominika Tylcz for Radio Kapital, Warsaw, Poland

Slow Art Day in collaboration with artBLAB London, an online event

ONE Book Residency vol.2, reading John Berger with 

Jan Fairbairn-Edwards

Marta Normington

Annie King

Niamh Seana Meehan

Lauren Saunders 

Jane Pickersgil

Archontoula Tsatsoulaki

Speed Networking for Creatives

2014 - 2015

This cycle of events was designed by Marta to bring together emerging and established creatives. The main aim of the Speed Networking for Creatives was to spark collaboration between artists and art lovers working in different areas of the creative industry, share a conversation in the friendliest and most comfy place there is- the extension of your living-room - Ziferblat London.

Karin Janssen Project Space


Karin Janssen Project Space in Hackney was an artist-run gallery that promoted local and like-minded artists. I joined the gallery for the occasion of an international exhibition, including 60 artists based both in the UK and the Netherlands, titled Chinese Whispers. 

Slow Art, being a quiet activism that makes art more accessible to broader audiences, is at the core of my curatorial practices.  I strongly believe in the idea of a gallery as an experience, rather than a place; not an overwhelming or intimidating but a safe and liberating space, where an encounter with art and exchange of emotions takes place.



Feminist Art and Exhibitions: History and Challenges

March - April 2021

Node Centre for Curatorial Studies, Berlin, Germany.

This course looks at how feminist thinking has influenced the arts since the 1960s, both in Western as well as selected non-Western contexts. Presenting the foundational feminist theories that furthered the radicalization of female artists and trace their manifestation in the visual arts. Due to its strong political content and often taboo-breaking visuality, feminist art continues to present its own set of challenges to curators and museum professionals. The course introduces students to the most important exhibitions of feminist art and discuss their strategies, premises, and criticism. In addition, the course presents curatorial practices and exhibition formats that follow feminist premises.

Contemporary Art Theories


MoMA, New York, US.

This course addressed the question what is contemporary art? by exploring a variety of perspectives on what art can do today, who makes it, what it is made of, and why it takes so many forms. Based on MoMA's collection.

History of Art with Curating


BA at Birkbeck, University of London, UK.

Main field of research: Slow Art and the ideas of slow looking. 

Secondary interest: Modernism and Young Poland movement, Gesamtkunstwerk - total work of art.



Central Saint Martins, UAL, London, UK.

Curatorial course led by Sarah Spakres.

History of Art and Architecture


Certificate of Higher Education at Birkbeck, University of London, UK.

Creative Photography


ND at Krakow School of Art and Fashion Design, Krakow, Poland. Specialisation: Staged Photography and set design.


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